Exposition – A villa of one’s Own

A villa of one’s Own

1. Training CampVilla Rohannec’h, Saint-Brieuc, Côtes d’Armor, France. 21 march > 28 april
2. Fountain of YouthCetate Arts Danube, Cetate, Dolj, Romania. 28 april > 29 may

Adriana Chiruță, Clara Denidet, Aurélie Ferruel and Florentine Guédon, Adina Mocanu, Johanna Rocard, Casandra Vidrighin.
with the participation of Luc Avargues et Claudiu Ciprian Popa
Curators : Isabelle Henrion / Anca Verona Mihuleţ and Iris Ordean

Dans le cadre de la saison France – Roumanie 2019, j’ai la joie de participer au programme de résidence mobile a Villa of one’s own, un projet de recherches en Bretagne et dans la région du Dolj, aux côtés de plusieurs artistes et curatrices. 

As part of France – Romania 2019, I am delighted to participate in the program of mobile residency a Villa of one’s own, a research project in Brittany and the Dolj region, with several artists and curators.

— Which utopias, contexts and economic realities surround and define artist-in-residency programs today?
Which are the ways and means of hospitality that facilitate the encounter between an artist, a local artistic scene, a culture, a territory, local traditions and know-how?
Which working conditions can foster a trans-cultural creation, anchored in the cultural roots of each territory?
How to think of the mobility of artists and the networking that underlies contemporary art in the light of the incessant economic, media and migratory flows that shape the world of today?
How to reinvest the term ‘displacement’ to make it a critical tool for deconstruction of dominant narratives? How to create porosit(ies) between scientific and artistic disciplines, but also between artists, institutions and audiences?
How to promote artistic and intellectual excellence, while addressing a broad audience, and create conditions of cooperation with citizens? —

The residency project explores the connections between two distant spaces – Villa Rohannec’h in Saint-Brieuc (France) and Cetate Arts Danube in Cetate (Romania) – that conjure in matters of geographical position, architecture and historical texture. Six female artists – three from France and three from Romania – and three female curators will depart from a set of predefined concepts in order to inform upon the role of femininity and action as opposed to patriarchal structures and passivity.
As creators aim to escape from the ‘exhibition-ary’ complex, the idea of a residency that gathers artists with diverse backgrounds and perspectives becomes not only a modus operandi, but a necessity. ‘A villa of one’s own’ sets the context for a group of female artists who have never worked together before to start an in-depth research process that will have its finality in a series of performances, experiments and discursive events presented in the form of a festival both in France and in Romania. On one side, the residency celebrates the oracle of possibilities that lies within the creative strata, and on the other side, it stresses the benefits of artistic collaboration.