1 pour 10 000

four-leaf clovers, plastic, «le goût de l’archive», Arlette Farge, pocket edition, wood
serie 1 : 31x27x2 cm, 2018
serie 2 : 50×45 cm, 2018

The research for four-leaf clovers is absurd, time-consuming, tinged of mysticism and popular superstition.
As trying to find the needle in the haystack, it’s a quest for the impossible.
However, with patience, obstinacy and luck, we find. We discover a particular acuity, an eye.
We experiment gestures, ways of proceeding, sorting, until inventing a method, a science, an art. The project, conducted over more or less extended periods, proves to be a field of observation of learning itself, a study of our research behaviours.


Views of the exhibition Jusqu’à preuve du contraire, nous ne trouverons rien. Agathe Boulanger, Clara Denidet, Le Bel Ordinaire, Pau, 2018