Common sens

Printings on micro-perforated tarpaulin film, 140×100 cm, 2018

The archivist speaks to me about “common sense”.
It appears clear to them, “the fact of classifying, arranging, ordering, archiving is a matter of pure logic”.
Each one would seem naturally inclined to put order in its chaos. And even more, to put in order according to commonly shared rules.
Two photographs answer each other and seem to disappear before our eyes. On one of them, the shelves bend, the bundles twist.
Tenous indices of an daily archival, in its emergencies and abandonments.
There would be as many logics as chaos, as many ways of archiving as producers of traces.
Common sense, like good taste, would have a priori, nothing to do with it.


Views of the exhibition Jusqu’à preuve du contraire, nous ne trouverons rien. Agathe Boulanger, Clara Denidet, Le Bel Ordinaire, Pau, 2018
Photographies ©Philippe Costes