Forget-me-not (jugs & flowers)

jerrycans, tiles, cement, myosotis
2018, 40x40x15 cm, 56x40x15 cm

Some «Forget-me-not jugs» (or bottles of memories) are made by descendants of Afro-American slaves. Artifacts crafted, reminiscences of Burkinabe funerary objects.
Forget-me-not (jugs and flowers) is inspired by this practice of memory and mourning. Containers are ornamented with broken tiles, and they become sculptures, beacons. The jerrycan stay propitious to contain a precious liquid, the water or the essence, whose values ​​oscillate and vary according to the context and the urgency. It is also the promise of a protective and hermetic container. A survival tool for impossible crossings, and a weapon of destruction. A meeting point that seems untenable between rescue and burning, between the mechanical of memory and those of erasure.


Views of the exhibition Jusqu’à preuve du contraire, nous ne trouverons rien. Agathe Boulanger, Clara Denidet, Le Bel Ordinaire, Pau, 2018
Photographies ©Philippe Costes