mixed techniques,
variables dimensions,

It is the act of naming it – grigri, lucky charm, amulet or a fetish – which gives the object a tailored power, at individual scale. Its function therefore manufactured escapes from the useful, to what is necessary.
In this object, we develop a freedom space, to be the only one in believing it.
Therefore, it protects, brings good luck, strengthens, removes the illness, and all of that in a hypothetical way.
Fortunes produces an horizontal and public image of confidential use, internal but collective. It questions the superstitions, the balance of values between object and belief and its varied constructions.

Views of the collective exhibition Sols, murs, fêlures. Regionale 18, La Kunsthalle, Mulhouse, 2017-18. Curator: Isabelle Henrion
Photographies ©Sébastien Bozon, ©Isabelle Henrion
Interview extracts, about grigris, within the frame of the Fortunes project
Slideshow presented during Public Pool #3, Les Objets ont la Parole, march 2017, FRAC Nord, Dunkerque
Laboratory-symposium, on a proposal from Jean-Christophe Arcos, Marianne Derrien, Lucie Orbie, and Leïla Simon for C-E-A, to the invitation of Keren Detton