Just in case

wood, cotton sheet, 1059 coins, zinc, steel
70x83x02 cm, 2015

Gypsy women saved the family savings within hems of their skirts. Currency would weight their footsteps. Soldiers would hide in their coat liners their slim nest egg, just in case…
These uses are found in a lot of cultures and hold of daily tactic, slyness in answer to the shifting hazard, in what it offers of unpredictable and of potential. The coat drapes, protects and wraps around the one that dresses it, becomes its inhabited clothing, its skin for the outside, its viaticum.

Under the form of a crowdfunding from hand-to-hand, I have collected euro cents- monetary waste not without value- nearby persons improvised sponsors. I crafted a box, transition object, to support this fund. The coins, stitched between two fabric thickness are hidden to the look and give the clothing give tunes of chasuble or armor. We imagine a heavy walk, the weight of the possible.


Views of the exhibition Donner Formes, Regionale 18, CEAAC, Strasbourg