wood, spoons, canvas, cotton
150x35x10cm, 2016

Parades comprises in its polysemy, behaviors and senses that would seem to us incompatible.
Here it is about multiple and simultaneous counters.
We can imagine the dance like trickery, the attack like a seduction weapon. Sometimes of close tactics, that must be survived or charmed.
I have thought about costumed characters from traditional carnivals, who in their wandering handle both fascination and fright to ward off and distract.
The clothing adorns, would decorate its carrier and would make him so fatally sound able, indiscreet to the places he comes across.
Parades is an motionless sculpture, composed of gleaned spoons, stolen to the domestic use, later flatten and hulled. This flashy junk does display but stays a subterfuge, a lure. A protection tinkered within the noise.


Views of the solo exhibition Aires , Sainte Catherine galery, Rodez, 2016 and Jardins Synthétiques, Saint Raymond Museum, Toulouse, 2016