Colour video, 3:57, loop.
Print on Mesh, steel, magnets
180x250x3,5 cm, 2018

Seek the global vision to make a stop. To compose, make arrangements, create relationships. Reveal an image to another.
Outside, the wind is strong.
Photos printed on lightweight paper are arranged together in an intuitive composition and each held on the ground by stones, weight tools and tools of early humans as well.
The video shows the maelstrom of the pages, the flapping of sheets, the last images before they fly away, disappear.
In the exhibition space, an image printed on a construction tarpaulin, which allows the wind to pass, is stretched at the four corners on a metal cross.
We recognize the stones that have remained where they were laid, where they served. Like the discovery of an archaeological site, the foundations are out.


Views of the exhibition Jusqu’à preuve du contraire, nous ne trouverons rien. Agathe Boulanger, Clara Denidet, Le Bel Ordinaire, Pau, 2018