Colour video, 05:19, 2016
screen shot

I meet a man who practices metal detection.
He takes me on his sprees and lends me a machine for me to try it.
We roam, eyes riveted on the ground, untiringly. The observed practice proposes a parallel use of the ground, brings attention on what we do not see.
These are extracts of a meeting of the object by its shores, the dead by their leftovers. All is engulfed from a red patina and I do not know anymore if its rust or earth.

Lecture de terrain

TALWEG #4, Le sol, 2017

Pétrole Editions, Paris & Strasbourg.
Editorial committee: Audrey Ohlmann, Marianne Mispelaëre & Nina Ferrer-Gleize

Under the title Ground reading, the five double pages composed of writings and screenshots of The rush witness of a field experience conducted by the quest, like an initiation rite.


Photographies ©Pétrole éditions