wood, cotton
80x240x05 cm, 2015

Whether it is about the one belonging to the young maiden, the one belonging to the newborn or the deceased, the trousseau would be an ensemble of objects destined to accompany the individual in an important step of its social life.
Trousseau echoes the kit, to the panoply too, to varied forms that would take the necessity of survival. The work changes over its “halts”. We undo the transport crates, which are part of the work, we spread them to the ground like luggage on arrival. We place elements of white fabric, with intuition. Unpack, reward. The new association of forms delivers always another image, questions our needs, calls a functional destination or geographical to interpret.


Views of the exhibition Prototypish, M54 Projektraum, Basel, 2015, curator: Marcel Scheible
and AO15, Accélérateurs de Particules, Bastion 14, Strasbourg
Photographies ©César Godefroy