The interest that I give to what the object says, teaches me things.
It is a form of attention off-centered that applies to flush this capacity of “do with”. Far from the resigned exit, the composing act, to tinker holds of magic*.

When it is employed to do what it has not been planned for, to be what it is not, when it becomes a symbol, a tool, a language or a witness, when it is transmitted, used, transformed, the object is a take.
Leaning over the object is a discreet way to study its users.
Each one deploys facing chaos a crowd of daily tactics, habits and rites that found our ways to inhabit an environment.
(The building of a solid frame holds the fact to “knock on wood”).

My work is as much about anthropological research than empiricist handiwork. I am looking within the cohabitation of these two grounds accesses to these internal and collective knowledges and, the ones that fit within the use of the language, the object, and the daily…
The ones that are learned and manufacture themselves.
All of that demands an effort of attention, of indiscretion.
The eye searches non-stop the reflection of a thing in another, navigates from the margin to the center. The ordinary world, the micro-history become research grounds where intuition would become measure tool, art an inaccurate science.
It is also about assuming ties between things, to bet on their echo like trying to cast spells.

Meeting with a material, an image, a use compels me to put in form, to prepare objects and installations in relations of proximity. The ladder, symbol and senses collage tend to build forms that in depth, are not strangers to us. So we ask ourselves what brought them to be and what they will become, we question ourselves on their hypothetical functions. My works place themselves discretely between the tool, the knowledge support, and the witness of empiricist experiences.

* “Art inserts itself half way between scientific knowledge and the mythical or magic thought; because everyone knows that the artist holds both the scientist and the handyman: with craft means, he prepares a material object which is at the same time an object of knowledge.”
Claude Levi-Strauss, La pensée sauvage, 1962